Size Guide for Bracelets:

All sizes for women or girls are approximate as the size of each bead, the length of any name and the need for the bracelet to be symmetrical will determine the exact finished length.

Total length is measured from the tip of the clasp to the first ring past the beads i.e. if the bracelet has an extender chain attached this will add extra length to the measurements below.

Girls Age 0 - 3 yrs = 13cms

Girls Age 3 - 5 yrs = 14.5cms

Girls Age 5 - 8 yrs = 16cms

Girls Age 8 - 16 yrs = 17cms

Adult small = 18cms   (approx dress sizes 8 to 12)

Adult med (standard size) = 20cms    (approx dress sizes 14 to 18)

Adult Lge = 22 cms    (approx dress size 18 to 24)

If we are unable to make the exact length requested we will make the bracelet a tiny bit bigger rather than smaller.

Please add 1cm to all the sizes above for boys' or men's jewellery.


If you would prefer to have a bracelet made to measure, we are happy to help. Please let us know the exact wrist size, measured tight to the wrist. For all beaded or chain bracelets we would then add 1 to 2cms for comfort.

Alternatively you can advise us of the total finished length require.

When giving us measurements to work to please make clear which of the above measurements you are quoting.

For Pandora style bracelets only we recommend adding 4cms to the 'tight to wrist' measurement to get the correct size bracelet.

There is an information box on the way through checkout where you will be prompted to give us this information.

For all non Sterling silver name bracelets there is a maximum number of letters which will fit on each size as follows:

0-3 yrs = 7 letters max, 3-5 yrs = 8 letters max, 5-8 yrs = 10 letters max, 8-16 yrs = 11 letters max, Adult = 12 letters max.

Sterling silver letters are slightly smaller than the other letter beads we use so the maximum number of letters which will fit each size is as follows:

0-3 yrs = 9 letters max, 3-5 yrs = 10 letters max, 5-8 yrs = 12 letters max, 8-16 yrs = 14 letters max, Standard adult = 18 letters max.

Necklace Lengths for Girls:

Girls Age 10 and below = 14 inches

Girls Age 10 to 16 = 15 inches

Girls Age 16 + = 16 or 18 inches

Necklace Lengths for Women:

Below is a guide to show approximately where the chain will hang down to on a woman of average size/height.

Guide to Necklace Lengths