Gemstone Healing Jewellery

Engraved Amethyst Healing Bracelet Gemstone Healing Jewellery Moonstone Healing Bracelet with Engraving

Used as an alternative medicine by crystal healing therapists, some gemstones are believed to have powerful healing properties. Whilst not a substitute for orthodox medicine, many people believe they can be beneficial to health, especially if they are held in the hand or worn against the body.

The gemstones below have been used in our range of
healing jewellery.

Gemstone Properties and Meanings:

Carnelian - For detoxifying and rejuvenating the body, increasing energy and aiding physical healing.  Also for improving endurance & courage.
Rose Quartz  - Perhaps the greatest of all healing stones. For healing of emotional and physical wounds.  The stone of love.
Amethyst  - Calming and soothing. Said to enhance spiritual awareness. Working on the central nervous system and improving restful sleep.
Moonstone - Especially helpful to women in balancing the natural energy within the body. Cleansing and supporting the body in the healing process. 
Amazonite - Helpful in stressful situations. Works on the nervous system and brain. Helpful in the grieving process.
Rock Crystal  - Said to enhance the qualities of the stones around it.  Protecting and deflecting negative energy.
Flourite - Balancing and stabilising. Said to strengthen and support during times of difficulty or change. Protecting and healing.
Hematite – Grounding, calming and soothing. Helpful in reduction of stress and high blood pressure.
Aventurine –  For Perseverance and optimism. Energising and improving circulation. Especially helpful in healing ailments of the heart.

Gemstones should never replace professional medical advice and consultation. It is not advisable to use gemstones to cure serious illnesses such as cancer. A General Practitioner should always be consulted regarding any illness.