Care of silver jewellery.

We sell many items of sterling silver personalised jewellery so here are a few tips to help you care for it:

All real sterling silver will tarnish over time but it can easily be polished up to restore its original shine.

Use only proper silver cleaning cloths which are available at the supermarkets or alternatively you can use 100% cotton cloths.

Silver is quite a soft metal so it's important to avoid using anything abrasive which may scratch.

Perfumes, chemicals, cleaning products and swimming pool water are all known to be potentially damaging to silver.

When you wear silver jewellery the natural oils in your skin help to reduce tarnishing.

When it is not being worn the best place to keep silver is in a plastic bag in a cool, dark place.

Because silver scratches more easily than some other metals we check and double check each item we engrave before dispatch for any scuffing or scratching. We are unable to accept returns of items which become scratched soon after purchase.