As well as our extensive range of birthstone jewellery gifts, most the jewellery you see on our website can be made with beautiful crystal birthstones!

Adding birthstones to a piece of jewellery adds the sentimental and personal touch to make a truly meaningful personalised gift.

Birthstone Jewellery

It is thought that the concept of birthstones originates from biblical times when 12 precious stones were assigned to the apostles and 12 gems adorned the breastplate of high priest Aaron (brother of Moses: Exodus 28) to represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

There have been many different interpretations in various cultures over the years leading to the modern day associations recognised today. 

Birthstone Colours and their meanings:

January  -  Garnet -  Faith, Truth and Grace.

February - Amethyst - Peace, protection and tranquility.

March -  Aquamarine - Strength, hope and creativity.

April - Diamond/Crystal - Innocence, courage and health.

May -  Emerald - Love, success and happiness.

June - Light Amethyst - Charity, faith and peace.

July - Ruby/Siam  - Nobility, contentment, enthusiasm.

August - Peridot - Married happiness, luck and success.

September - Sapphire - Wisdom, serenity and truth.

October - Rose crystal - Hope, purity and health.

November - Topaz - Fidelity, courage and serenity.

December - Turquoise - Success, luck and prosperity.

 Birthstone Bracelet Sterling Silver

All jewellery which is made using birthstones will be sent with the information slip below to form part of your special gift.

Birthstone Jewellery Information Slip