Gifts for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Sunday 26th March 2017

George Washington once said “All that I am I owe to my mother.”

Whether she is an amazing stay at home mum or an equally amazing hardworking mother trying to juggle work with motherhood she is usually also a taxi to clubs and events, cheerleader, cook, cleaner, teacher, supporter and works so hard to make her child’s dream come true!

The date is traditionally a Christian celebration and it is linked in with Easter Sunday which changes every year according to the lunar calendar and vernal equinox. Mothering Sunday is always three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Mother’s are a huge part of many children’s lives, if only they could count the hours they spent in the garden, the kitchen, traveling and sharing so many expereinces, how different their lives might their lives have been without her. It goes without saying that a “Mum” may come in many forms whether it be Mum, Mummy, Nanny, Nan, Auntie, Foster Mum or Step-mother, all equally special.

As both a mother and a daughter, Mother’s Day gives me the perfect opportunity to tell my Mum just how much I appreciate, admire and respect her. I am also reminded to aspire to do my best for my own children.

What better way to say a big ‘Thank you’ to your Mum or a special woman in your life than a gift which can be worn and treasured. Please take a look at our huge selection of gifts including personalised jewellery in our special Mother’s Day section on our website

Perfect gifts for the special Mum, Mummy, Godmother or perhaps Auntie.

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