To prolong the life of your jewellery we recommend you avoid the following:

  1. Wearing the jewellery whilst sleeping.
  2. Any contact with water especially swimming pool water.
  3. Contact with suncream, perfumes, chemicals, aftershave etc.

Care of Silver Jewellery.

All Sterling Silver will tarnish over time but it can easily be polished up to restore its original shine. Use only proper silver cleaning cloths which are available at the supermarkets or alternatively you can use 100% cotton cloths.

Silver is quite a soft metal so avoid using anything abrasive which may scratch.

Dont use silver cleaning cloths on your gemstones or it can cloud their appearance.

When you wear silver jewellery the natual oils in your skin help to reduce tarnishing.

When it is not being worn the best place to keep silver is in a plastic bag in a cool dark place.



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